Tantillus Reborn

The Tantillus Reborn is an open source 3D printer project inspired by the original Tantillus created by sublime. This version is completely redesigned by toolson. Thier blog has more information on the printer, as well as a build guide for the machine.

My Thoughts

The printer is designed really well, though I have some gripes. I'm not a big fan of the extruder not having any gearing. I understand their design decision, their desire for fast speeds on an 8 bit MCU means step generation is an issue. I think a greater issue is having enough torque and resolution to drive filament reliably with minimal extruder artifacting is more important, so I went with a Titan from E3D since it has a fully constrained filament path (ideal for most filaments, especially flexible ones like ninjaflex). It's not a cheap option, but it's reliable and good quality. Unfortunately the included screws are not long enough to fit through the frame, so I will need to source 35mm M3 screws.

The power supply it is designed for is only available in Europe, so I will have to figure out how to acquire one, hopefully without too much paid in shipping.

The final issue I have is the choice in controller. Their desire for inexpensive components, in spite of the well thought-out design, boggles my mind. The MKS GEN 1.4 board is only available off of Amazon and the usual Chinese vendors. The quality is relatively poor, and reliability is left to be desired. This could be solved fairly easily, and I likely would've redesigned the electronics mount before using the only material I had if I was aware of this beforehand. If I happen across some extra material, or my plan to build and sell these comes to fruition, I definitely will spend some CAD time redesigning the mount for a Duet board.

My Machine

My version is using an E3D Titan for the extruder (I had to modify the frame post-manufacturing due to the Titan sticking out a little too far), a Merlin hotend (like in the original design, sourced from RepRapDiscount), a quality RepRapDiscount Smart LCD display, TMC2208 SilentStepStick stepper drivers, (regrettably) an MKS GEN 1.4 board from Amazon, and a cute little 24v heated bed PCB from OpenBuilds.

Additionally, I have sourced bearings (of mixed quality) and magnets from Amazon, fasteners (and potentially a spring steel sheet for the bed) from McMaster-Carr, and linear bushings and rods from Igus (I hope these work out).

I will be updating this page (and my blog) with progress on my build.