Backstop Controller

This project involves the use of embedded hardware and software. It is a controller designed for a shear backstop.

Milled circuit board on top of the machine that made it The PCB was designed in KiCAD. It is a single layer board that was milled out on a CNC router at the Area515 makerspace. After manufacturing, the holes were drilled out to the appropriate size and the "traces" on the other side were completed with wires. The board houses a Teeny 3.5, the "brain" of the machine, and two stepper drivers. It also provides connection points for the two inductive limit switches and a 24V power input for the stepper drivers and limit switches.

The controller is programmed in C++ utilizing the Adafruit GFX library, Pololu's AMIS30543 library, and a few other misc libraries.

3D printed enclosure for an LCD display The interface for the machine is a 3.2" touch screen LCD. I am working on programming a keypad so the user may type in their desired depth of cut and tell the machine to move there. I have designed an 3D printed a simple case for it in PETG that looks great and should function very well.

Source files can be found on github.